Are you thinking that kissing really isn’t all that important? Do you think that you already know how to kiss? After all, what is there to kissing other than pressing your lips together and varying the pressure while moving your head around, right? You’ve never gotten any complaints, right?

Well, just because nobody has ever complained about your kissing doesn’t mean that you’re very good at it. Even if your partner or past partners have told you that they liked kissing you that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re any good at it. Many times actually, a partner might say that they like kissing you hoping to build your confidence and maybe get you to focus on the fact that you really aren’t that great of a kisser.

The fact remains that kissing is an often overlooked skill that most of us don’t give much thought to. Good enough is usually good enough is the mantra of the day when it comes to kissing. But did you know that lackluster kissing often means less affection and less intimacy in a relationship. So if intimacy is important to you in your relationship or future relationship then listen up.

The first kiss is often the first real test of a relationship. After you have been dating or getting to know someone and everything looks good there will come a moment when you and your partner will find yourself face to face with that first kiss hanging there in the air. You have passed on every other test and now comes the exam that will tell them if there is a future in store for you or if you will become just another friend. So don’t blow it!

For that first kiss and also sometimes when download 918kiss 2023 you are already in a relationship, allow the tension and pressure to build. As you stand face to face only inches from each other with that same thought in both of your minds, allow the moment to linger. By doing so you will be heightening the anticipation leading up to that kiss just like you would any wonderful gift. By almost teasing or flirting with the promise of that kiss it will seem even sweeter. So don’t just go diving into that first kiss. Allow the moment to linger.

Also, as a relationship develops kissing should still remain an important part of your relationship. Too many times couples find that there is no passion between them any longer and they feel like an old married couple. If this is you then let me ask you if the two of you still spend time kissing. Do you still set aside time to make out or to kiss your partner in the same way that you did when you were first together? Are you still conscious about what turns your partner on when it comes to kissing and are you still in tune with them when it comes to this skill? If not then this could be a reason why your relationship is suffering.

Remember that first kiss and how sweet it was. Give that moment back to your partner from time to time. Banish the days of a simple peck or kiss to say hello or goodbye and try to make more of your kisses memorable. Just like food, some people like it hot and some not so take your partner into consideration when you kiss them. Maybe your partner likes spicy food every once in a while so maybe likewise every once in a while your partner would like it if you just grabbed them and took their breath away with a deep passionate kiss as you’re leaving for work. Or maybe they would like a flirty, teasing kiss as you whisper something sweet but inches from their face as you stare deeply into their eyes with your foreheads together. It can also be said that just like food nobody like bland, tasteless food and nobody like poor, flat kisses that mean nothing.

It really is amazing that the simple act of pressing your lips against another human being’s lips can lead to such an overwhelming feeling and such passion. When done correctly it can cause someone to devote their life to you and when done poorly it can firmly place you in the friend-zone for life with the excuse being that they just don’t feel that way about you. Work on improving your kissing skills and you will find that you will have a more passionate and loving relationship and a happier partner that values and


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