Turkey is a safe haven for expats. Each year sees a new influx of expats to Turkey, young and old, adventurous and homely, thousands of expats are flocking to live in Turkey each year as Turkey grows into an idyllic destination for foreign nationals looking to live a life of adventures.

As so many expats move to Turkey, questions are bound to arise, where is the best place for an expat in Turkey to live? In order to answer a question like this, we first need to determine exactly what kind of expat are you? There are several types of expats that move to Turkey seeking a new life and adventures.

The retired expat looking to live out their days in the sun. Many expats move to Turkey as older retirees having sold all assets in their home country and look to make Turkey ‘home’. The older generation of expats in Turkey generally look to purchase a property in Turkey in the quieter and less frenetic areas of Turkey. A lovely setting with an easy life watching the world go by – Turkey has plenty of places that can suit these needs. Fethiye has some nice areas in which expats can retire and enjoy the nature that Turkey offers. Long walks in the nature, watching the sunset, expats who are retired enjoy much the lifestyle to be had in Turkey.

The young adventurer. These types of expats are those who move to Turkey looking for adventure and a busy lifestyle. These kinds of expats are after the fast life and would enjoy living in an area as such. Whether you are sailing from Bodrum to Fethiye or exploring the busy lifestyle of Istanbul, the young adventurer wants activity and somewhere they can come to relax and enjoy the sun whilst at the same time having fun and enjoying life to the max.   property turkey

The lifestyle change. Many expats come to Turkey seeking a completely different change of lifestyle. Uprooting family and moving to Turkey to enjoy a new life together in a stable country with good prospects. These types of expats normally have more choice in where they can settle. There is many areas in Turkey where families can settle, in each region – Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Istanbul – there would generally be parts that are suitable for expats looking for a lifestyle change.

The investor. Not exactly an expat per say, but Investors are flocking to buy a property in Turkey which they can also rent out during the peak months of the year and earn a premium return on their investment. These types of people still have a life outside of Turkey and would maybe visit Turkey for a couple months a year. Istanbul is busy with investors looking to capitalise on the popularity of Istanbul and earn a slice of the profit that can be seen in Istanbul.
So if you are an expat in Turkey looking to move to Turkey to seek a new lifestyle and new adventures, make sure that you do your research and thoroughly look into Turkey before making the big decision. Each region in Turkey is different and offers something different to the perspective buyer, remember, Turkey is big and vast.



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