Timberland Boots: Product Review

Timberland boots should always be one of your first choices when you need great performance footwear, especially for work. No two ways about it, they produce some of the best work boots on the planet and this article will look at your buying options.

Timberland boots are premium products there is no dancing around the main issue for lots of people and firms they cost more than many other work boots and for that reason many people see them as luxury items.

The main questions in deciding their merits and values to firms are:

Does this additional cost provide more, japanese techwear more performance and more safety? Yes and no is the answer to those questions.

Timberland boots meet and exceed the regulations and EN codes which allow them to be considered justifiable work boots and in terms of safety any footwear wanting to be considered for working environments must meet these regulations. So in short Timberland boots are no safer than a cheaper alternative however the safety factor usually talks about excessive trauma prevention, in other words can the toe-cap stop X number of Joules of energy from crushing the wearer’s toes? Are the mid-soles puncture resistant? All safety footwear must tick these boxes but how they achieve these requirements is up to the individual brands and designers and this is where the difference in materials and quality of Timberland Boots is massively more perceptible.

Timberland use combinations of toe caps from steel (which is still very popular) to composites which are more expensive but that extra expense makes for a lighter boot and thus reduces fatigue and usually the additional expense is around £15 so not out of the consideration for cost.

If you examined other brands compared to Timberland boots in terms of materials used in their construction and how they will affect performance positively or negatively you would see where the money, your money would go. For example how valuable is your time? How valuable is your workforce’s time? Extremely should be the answer so why would you compromise your time and productivity on cheap inferior work boots?

When you work, you want to be as productive as possible in most cases and using lightweight high performance workwear is key as it will work with you and not against you. Timberland boots utilise this very principle extensively throughout all their work boots from the toe cap to the mid sole to the anatomically designed foot beds which fits snuggly round the wearer’s feet to off greater support. Timberland boots puncture resistant mid-soles are a wonderful creation in themselves, made from fibres packed together in a matrix/weave fashion they produce an impenetrable barrier against nails and sharp objects while providing incredible flexibility for the wearer. This means when you’re wearing Timberland boots like the Traditional Wheat you can walk like you were wearing standard boots without compromising performance. Add additional ankle support which is another level of technology and innovation developed by Timberland and you have work boots ideal for any working conditions you can throw at them.

If you then look at cheaper alternatives such as chukka boots (the lowest of the low tech) these boots are made from hard, tough materials, steel mid sole and toe caps which are inflexible and uncomfortable when you wear them all day every day.

The conclusion you should draw is; in terms of work boots you do get what you pay for.

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