In the new article series “The Mental Game” we will be covering on of the most intriguing yet over looked subjects in poker. Most poker content focuses on the technical aspects of poker hands, but neglects what goes through your head to get to that point. The simple advice of don’t tilt, don’t play drunk, and never start playing angry/sick doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Avoiding tilt is difficult because most people do it unconsciously.

Have you ever wondered why after reading every poker book, every forum, and joining every coaching site you still can’t win? The reason is because while all those resources are filled with great information they don’t teach you the skills to use their techniques and destroy your mental roadblocks. Once I realized that some big pieces were missing from poker literature I branched out into other areas to find the answers I needed. I’ve read books on psychology, self help, meditation, hypnosis, body language, and pretty much anything else I thought might help. Some of it was pretty fruity, but there were plenty of gold mines that changed the way I thought about the game. I was amazed at how many times I could have substituted poker into a book about mental philosophy and it would have Playslot77 fit perfectly.

Poker is a two front battle. You play against your opponents and you play against yourself. The truth is: Your brain is not wired to be a winning poker player. The way our brain thinks makes your default poker setting LOSER. That is why 95% of players lose money. They haven’t realized that they need to go inside and flips some switches to change it to winner. In this series I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned and created on the topic of the mental side of poker. Hopefully it will be the catalyst that turns all your poker knowledge into cold hard cash.

Why You Play Poker

Brutal honesty is the first mental skill you need in order to be a winning player. Be honest with others, but more importantly you must be completely honest with yourself. It is so easy to lie to yourself for a quick shot of false self confidence, but this is just building an ice palace in the desert. It feels good for a short time, but will eventually fall apart. If you lie to yourself about poker you will not be a long term winner. The majority of players don’t have an issue with understanding the game they just ignore the holes in their game. The holes you have and your mental inability to fix them are constantly being exploited by your opponents. Instead of fixing them you just end up making excuses for your mistakes.

I could write a whole article on honesty, but its better to just keep it simple. Why? Because being honest to yourself about your poker results and hands isn’t a hard process. There are no crazy techniques to help you be more honest. If you are dedicated to making the most out of your poker play it should be easy. Just be conscious when you try to lie to yourself and never let it get any further. If you are unable to be honest with yourself and others about your poker results: Why do you play poker?

One of the reasons I believe poker is so popular is it is able to stimulate so many different needs that it attracts a wide range of personality types. Think about all the different types of players you face each day. You have the maniac, the rock, the chaser, the bluffer, the professor, the boasting pro, the grinding pro, the sheriff, the math guy, the feel players, and all these range from 18 year old men to little old ladies. In any given game the 10 seats at the table could easily represent 10 different groups in the world population. The beauty is all 10 could be playing for 10 different reasons.

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