Technology is getting better day by day and new innovations and inventions are making their way to our homes with the advancement in technology. Every electronic gadget and equipment that we use in today’s everyday life is much advanced and technologically superior than their predecessors. The world of television is no exception which is getting redefined with every passing day. From the black and white analog units, these tv kings app televisions have covered a long journey. The electronic market is flooded with a wide range of ultra thin, light weight feature packed cheap TV sets. There are television sets available in the market belonging to various categories such as Plasma, LCD, and LED television sets.

Plasma TV uses matrix of tiny plasma cells, charged with electrons, to produce an image. These are a bit heavier and consume a little more electricity than LCD TVs, but they do have certain advantages over LCD televisions. They provide high contrast ratios and viewing angles and are more suitable for fast moving actions.

If we talk about LCD televisions, it can be said that they have come out as huge show stealers after their introduction in the market. These are Liquid Crystal Display Televisions and have become a craze in most of the households due to their crystal clear image display, high resolution and sound transmission and lucidity. Earlier these Liquid Crystal Display television sets were available only in small screen formats, but now a days larger screen options such as 52 inches wide or even more are available in the market. The USP of an LCD television is its flatness.

LED is the newest technology used to manufacture televisions. LED TVs are the successors of LCD TVs. They create the images by using a collection of LEDs as source of their back light instead of using CCFLs. LED televisions produce brilliantly sharp pictures in true colour.

Many popular brands of Plasma, LCD and LED televisions are available in the market including Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp and LG. All of them offer amazing picture quality. If you are looking to buy a new television set, online stores are good options. These online shopping stores provide the complete details of all the offers available on the latest models. These deals are provided by leading electronic retailers. You can compare all the deals on your desired model and compare prices before making the purchase. This saves a lot of time as you get all the details at a single place and make your decision.


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