Preparing for Death While at Hospice

As most people who are at hospice are terminally ill there hospice care near me are many who will pass away while they are under this care and it is the duty of the care givers to ensure that the person goes through this period in a calm way. This is especially true if they are aware of what is happening. The body starts shutting down all its vital functions during the process of dying. If these signs are recognized, then it is a time for the loved ones to show that they love the person that is sick. Hospice helps people to be prepared for the loss of their loved one.

Often the dying process sets in long before it actually takes place. Those around should recognize and understand this. The person is confused and those around feel this is a side effect of the medications. Some show signs that the end is near with a decreased intake of food and water and this is also a sign that the dying process has begun. Those who are with the person as the end is nearing should know what to say and how to react and hospice volunteers help relatives with this. This is a time when the patient should be made to feel loved and cared for. This may not be easy as the care giver is also going through a traumatic period when they know they are about to lose their loved one.

Social workers from hospice are there to give courage to both the dying and also to those who are being left behind. These are the people who will still have to go through the process of planning the funeral and life after the death of their loved one. Friends and family get together to comfort each other and cope with their grief, while hospice is there to deal with it all in a humane but professional way.


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