Pest Control for Spiders

Summer is here, which means that spiders are starting to breed in your garden and home. These spiders can be a nuisance as they are usually found outside and help to control other pests in your yard. If they start to infest your home, it is time for professional spider pest control.

Inspection. Inspection. The first thing to do is inspect the house and seal any holes or gaps where spiders might be entering. To block gaps under doors, use door stoppers or rolled-up towels. Trim branches that are against the roof or building to keep spiders out. Maintain a neat lawn, keep your bushes trimmed and clear your yard. This will provide shelter for spiders and insects, and also help to prevent them from breeding.

Dusting. An electric blower can be used to apply good quality residual dust to the roof void space. The dust will settle on your roof void space, and spiders who walk along it will be able to pick up traces of it. You should have your roof void dusted regularly with quality dust. Spiders can often get into your roof space and then make their way into your home via light fittings.

Surface spray treatment. Pest controllers have access to chemicals that aren’t available to the public. These chemicals are very effective and can be used to treat spiders for a long time. They are non-staining, safe and don’t leave any unpleasant odours. They are much more durable than sprays you can buy at your local store. Spray your house’s exterior with a surface treatment. Spiders will soon die if they walk along the treated area.

Spraying gardens, rock areas and outdoor furniture should be done as spiders can often be found in these areas. Ground-dwelling spiders live among rocks, so spraying the spray will likely pick up any trace and kill them.

Spiders should be treated with caution as a single pest control treatment will not eradicate all of them. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting bitten by spiders.

  • When you are walking outdoors, especially at night, make sure to wear shoes
  • When you are gardening or handling rubbish, use gloves
  • When excavations are made close to your home, be wary of spiders
  • Do not leave your toys, clothes, shoes, or other items out at night.
  • Watch out for ground-dwelling spiders, especially at night, particularly during warmer nights.

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