Creating an easy care environment resplendent in colour, yet low in maintenance and hardy, is easy to do using woody plants and native grasses. While no garden is completely without some level of maintenance the light gardener will find that just a little raking and weeding will go a long way in maintaining a native woody garden.

Gardening with a country’s natives is a long time tradition going back the Greeks and the Japanese. A native garden doesn’t need to be native only, but using natives complimented by other plants will give the gardener an added sense of satisfaction and gras online kaufen add another element of interest to the landscape.

Combinations of Sumac shrubs, Blue Wisteria, Honeysuckle and for brilliant seasonal splashes of color, Rhododendrons and Devils Walking Stick will enhance a landscaping project with year round brilliance. Complement the woody plants with native grasses to keep the weeds at bay and provide shape and contrast. At the same time promote the native natural habitat of your area.

Some wonderful natives to consider are Little Bluestain, River Cane, Indian Grass, Saltmeadow Cordgrass and Aquatica Wild Rice. The names are almost as beautiful as the grasses themselves! Check out a reputable online nursery for suggestions specific to the area you live, some natives may grow only in certain spots and there may be some found where you live and nowhere else.

Place your woody plants and native grasses in such a way as to ensure you have met the needs of shelter, cover and aesthetics before you begin to plant. Keep in mind when planning also, that the native garden is still a place for people to enjoy and admire. When planning your landscaping garden don’t forget to include places to stroll and sit.

It is possible to grow woody plants and natives grasses in a formal design but really, they best lend themselves to a more casual style of garden. Gravel or softly colored paving is often better as a background for these than the green of lawn grass. While it is true that these woody and natives will often need less water and fertiliser than other types of plants, and most are fast growing, to keep a native garden looking in its prime some ongoing maintenance is necessary and after a few years, you will want to look at replanting where foliage is lagging.

An excellent online nursery will be able to provide suggestions specific to your area for the best woody plants and native grasses to suit your needs. For more information or advice on planting a garden or undertaking a landscaping project using woodys and natives, Google a wholesale nursery.There you will find a wealth of information and advice on what to plant in different areas, when to plant and what natives are specific to your area.

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