In this age of information technology (IT) most people are no longer dependent on the print media such as newspapers and magazines to get the information they require. Instead, people prefer reading online or electronic versions of newspapers and magazines. By doing so, they are able to save a lot of time and effort and money. Online magazines or e-zines can become a great medium of marketing and promotion. Given the fact that it is very easy to make them, you can distribute them for free or by charging a minimal amount of money. When people will read them, your business will get a lot of exposure.

In order to create e-zines, you will need the help of a good flipbook creator or magazine maker software. A flipbook creator can help you to convert images, MS Word, Power Point and PDF files into a flash flipbook. If you want to promote your business online, you can collect all the promotional documents, images, power point presentations and other advertising material that can be included in promotional e-zines on the net. You can distribute the same to the target audience of your business and in return, your business will get a lot of publicity.

Even if you are a freelance journalist or writer, who would like to share his or h Digital magazine and article publishing er thoughts, opinions and ideas with the world, you can use the flipbook creator or magazine maker software to your advantage. By creating a flash book from the articles that you write, you can promote them on social media sites. In fact, you might even be able to sell on them for a certain amount of money. However, you will have to make sure that you only use a good quality software.

By reading reviews of different magazine makers on the net, you can determine the one which will be best suited to your needs. A good quality flipbook creator or magazine maker software will provide you with customizable templates for the flipbook, easy conversion and other features that will help you in your efforts. Besides, the magazine maker will be easy to use and will not be very expensive as well. The quality of the flipbook created with the help of the flipbook creator should be such that it should be able to attract the attention of people when they read it.

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