Garden slugs can cause a lot of damage in your backyard garden. They chew their way through your plant’s leaves, bulbs, stems and the fruit. Gardeners have been concerned with removing slugs from the garden since there has been gardening. There are some things that you can do to remove these pesky slimy creatures from your garden.

The first thing that you can do is manually pull the slugs off of your plants. Removing the slugs by hand will ensure that you get all the adults off of your plants before they have a chance to reproduce and you are left with an infestation. This is a chore that must be checked and done frequently to keep the slugs out of your garden.

Some gardeners use traps for garden slugs. Simple traps can be made with orange rinds and cabbage leaves if you place them in your garden in an inverted position. Just collect the traps every day and throw away the slugs along with the trap.

There are also some commercial sprays that you can use to get rid of garden slugs. These products are usually made of ammonia and water. The slugs will literally be dissolved with this mixture. You can make your own or pick it up in any gardening store.

Copper will also work as a deterrent for garden slugs. Using strips as a decorative touch in your garden will serve to create a lovely look and keep the slugs out.

These are a few of the tricks that you can use to keep garden slugs out of your garden. Keeping an eye on the pests that can ruin your plants is one of your biggest priorities as a gardener. The plants will blossom if you make sure to keep away pests and anything that will damage and stunt their growth.

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