Among the most difficult household chores is cleaning ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are mostly exposed to dust, and dirt easily builds on such Ceramic coffee coaster materials. Maintaining ceramic tiles is a difficult job because the tiles are exposed to a large variety of contaminants. A homeowner should take care of his or her tiles, and his or her home, by cleaning ceramic tile frequently. Tiles are used for many different purposes, including as flooring, on walls and for decoration. Tiles used for decoration are some of the hardest to clean, because the paintings and designs may be damaged by some cleaning solutions. However, cleaning can be easy, if a few simple steps are followed, and it can even be fun, especially when the finished product is uncovered.

Tools for cleaning ceramic tile are available in many stores and through numerous dealers. The tools and materials include warm water, ceramic tile cleaner, rags or micro-fiber mops and a bucket. Homeowners should try to avoid sponges, since sponges pull dirt from the grout tracks and make the job more difficult. Sponge mops are also counterproductive. Choosing a cleaning solution is important, as some detergents may damage the tiles. It is also recommended to use branded and user-friendly products. In the end, water is the homeowner’s friend, and should always be used first and foremost when cleaning tile.

The first step in the cleaning process is to mix the cleaner solution with the water in the proper proportion. If the solution is not mixed in the proper proportion it may damage the ceramic tile. While cleaning decorative ceramic tiles, it is necessary to take extra care, because these ceramic tiles may have paint on them. Some solutions that are meant for cleaning ceramic tile may end up removing the paint from the tile. This is tricky, as the homeowner must read the labels carefully; just because a detergent is designed to clean tile does not mean it is designed to clean every type of tile.

The next step is to clean the surface of the tile with a dry cloth to remove any dust. After clearing the tile of all of the dust that can be removed with the dry cloth, the homeowner should spray the water and cleaner solution on the tile. Once the tile is saturated with the solution, a mop should be used to clean it. It is recommended to wipe in a circular motion across the tile to avoid leaving any marks. Extra care, once again, should be used when cleaning decorated or painted tiles. A dry cloth should be used to dry the tiles that will not leave streaks. The tile can be rubbed and buffed until it shines, and the surface will be a little sticky and glossy. Cleaning ceramic tile can bring back the original look, feel and shine of the tile, making any room look like new, and making the house a better, more fun, more happy place to live in. You can read more free advice on cheap cheap ceramic tile at CeramicTileGuides.

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