Can You Really Have an “Incurable” Disease? – Not From the Chinese Medical Perspective


According to Chinese medical philosophy, there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Every illness can be cured, although it may likely be that any illness that has done damage beyond a certain threshold may not be.

Our Remarkable Body

When you consider the millions of deadly germs around and inside you, along with the constant wear and tear in your body and stresses on your mind, it is remarkable 筲箕灣針灸 that we are not normally negatively effected by these ongoing “attacks”, a fact which if you reflect on will confirm that it is indeed natures way to be healthy. Our bodily systems will naturally deal with all these factors that can cause illness, without requiring our conscience awareness, and do so amazingly well.

Yin Yang Harmony

In Chinese medicine, this as-nature-intended natural workings of your bodily and mental functions is figuratively described as having “harmonious Qi Flow”. The Chinese also symbolize the natural healthy interaction between you and all the possible disease causing factors as “Yin Yang Harmony”.

When we have “Yin Yang Harmony” it means that our body is able to adapt and do just as nature intended – to remain healthy regardless of the conditions around us. It means that your bodily systems will produce the right amount of chemicals needed at the right time and in the right quantities. It means your body will dispose of toxic waste and negative emotions which may harm you, provide the immunity you need and repair damaged or worn out “parts” etc.

Disease occurs only when the body is no longer functioning in the manner it is designed to. If we can return the body back to its natural state, all illness will disappear as a matter of course.

This is the onus of all Chinese medicine. To return the natural balance of the body.


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