Over the years I have made a lot of friends and got to know a lot of people. I have followed their lives and shared their ups and downs with many of them. I have watch their children grow up and seen some of them do better than others did. What I noticed was that the once who got an education had a much better chance to get a good well paid job than those who left school early and had no particular skill behind them.

I know what you might be thinking now, that some people still manage to become successful even though they have no education, and yes that is true but only for a small minority of people. I would like to give you an example of a dear family I know well.

Why Peter got an education

These friends of mine had 4 sons over the years and when their first son Peter was born they wanted the very best for him. When he was old enough they send him to a private school and finished up with a good education and became very successful in life.

But of course in between when Peter was growing up he got 3 little brothers, Paul, John and David. Now there was not so much money to go around in the family so the parents did not mind when Paul did not show an interest in furthering his education.

Paul left school when he was old enough and got himself a labor job on a building site. There is nothing wrong with being a labor, but, boy is that hard work or what? It is also a lot harder building un curso de milagros a further from there. John pretty much followed in Paul’s footsteps but David the youngest son stayed at school and got himself an education and I could not help but think “Good on you David”.

David was determine to get an education

David had to work in between his study as his parents budget were limited, so he got some part time work to earn a bit of extra money. David worked hard to educate himself and believe me it paid off. Today both Peter and David have good well paid job and are very successful people.

I have watched all 4 boys closely over the years and I can see how much better Peter and David are off because of their education. But you know what; it is never too late to study and better yourself, even if you left school early.

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